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The Online Service Center provides information and tools to help you serve members of health plans administered by Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, and access information about specific health plan benefits.

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Mayo Clinic Health Solutions is no longer an administrator for most health plans as of Jan. 1, 2019. Information on 2018 health care claims and benefits, as well as resources for employers and providers, will continue to be available through this website until Aug. 31, 2019.

What’s new?

Mayo Clinic Pharmacy Benefit Solutions is offering an improved web experience for members. By using this website, users can access many resources and links to see drug costs covered by their health plan, cost comparisons between pharmacies, and other tools and information to help individuals better understand and manage their or their family’s prescriptions.

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For access to Online Services for Providers, you must be registered as a Super User or an End User for your facility.

To sign up for Super User access to Online Services for Providers, please complete and submit the Super User Request Fax Form.

We will contact you to provide your Super User ID and password, along with User Guides explaining functions available through Online Services for Providers.

To sign up for End User access to Online Services for Providers, please contact your health care facility's designated Super User.

User Definitions

Super User: Super Users are responsible for setting up and maintaining Online Services for Providers accounts for themselves and for other End Users at their health care facility. One Super User will be assigned per tax ID number.

End User: An End User is a health care professional whose job function requires access to data available through Online Services for Providers. This access may be granted at the discretion of a designated Super User at your health care facility.